many shades

June 11, 2014

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It makes my day when I find in my closet a headscarf that perfectly matches the shade of my outfit. I’m anal like that, everything’s got to match! That’s why I realise that I need headscarves in all colours and all shades. Brown? 5 different shades of brown, please. That’s why when the dUCk team asks me to choose colours for our next collections, I’m like All, please which obviously gets raised-eyebrow looks from finance. Teehee. Worth a shot, no?

I wore this outfit for a nice Saturday with Dean. A long loose shirt from Indonesian brand Kaca Kassidy (actually comes with a belt but I prefer sans), a pair of brown pants (don’t like the fitting of these pair, but my Skelly ones were in the wash) and good old flats. It was a perfect day with my husband.

Wearing top from Kaca Kassidy from FashionValet. Pants from Zara, flats from Chanel, bag from Celine and headscarf from YSL.