puan, puan?

June 10, 2014

I think without realizing I subconsciously scan any new FV member’s…. phone. I need to have someone with a smartphone because my whole life and work sometimes revolve around whatsapp, and I have so many group chats that I really don’t know how our parents and grandparents got anything done without smartphones. Letter-writing seems so… slow. I don’t have the patience for that. For Daniel’s time, I really wonder what will be their culture. It’ll probably an era where they collect pens as fossils.

Anyway, it’s come to bite me back in my bum because I even have a maid now that is sooooo smartphone-pro. I love that she is so efficient in that she sends me updates on Daniel (photo and video updates, mind you) and I can just whatsapp her to defrost the chicken in the evening before I come home etc etc. And she so politely goes “Ok, Puan” or gives me an uncomfortable blow-kiss face. What on earth do you reply to that? (I kissed her back.. sigh I’m such an easy virtual kisser)

All’s good except when I go away with Daniel for a trip.

“Puan, Daniel ok?”

“Puan, Daniel jangan lupa stokinnya di dalam beg puan itu.”

“Puan, Daniel ok kan puan?”

“Puan, saya ada letak cis dan snek dalam beg Daniel untuk dia.” (cis = cheese)



Hahahahaha. But no, bless her, Masyaallah. I am so so blessed to have an awesome help like her in my life. I love herrrrr, she’s family! She even takes my ootd sometimes and tells me how to pose!

This trip, Dean and I were enjoying ourselves so much that we decided to extend another day. That didn’t go well with my maid.

“Puan, jam berapa pulang hari ini. Biar saya bilang sama pak supir.”

“Tak jadi pulang hari ni. Esok saya balik.”


“Puan tipu ya…” followed by another awkward tongue-out face. Stop it with the awkward emoticons!

“Iya sungguh!”

“Aduhhhh saya rindu sangat sama Daniel, Puan.”

I looked over at Daniel on the bed. He’s busy giggling with his dad while eating his finger.

“Daniel pun rindu sama Kakak nya.”

A crying face with no words.

“Saya tunjuk gambar kamu sama dia, dia senyum.”

A happy crying face with no words.

(I didn’t do that btw, just wanted to make her happy. I mean hello, Orchard Road! I’m busy here….)

This morning, I woke up to brush my teeth.

Beep beep, says my phone. I picked it up to see who messaged me.

“Puan, hari ni jam berapa pulang? Puan jangan ngak pulang ok?”

No emoticon. She’s serious.