ramadhan mubarak

June 29, 2014


This time last year, I was in bed in my parents’ house. I was eating, my hair was tied up in a bun, I had just finished a massage and I of course.. had socks on. No, I wasn’t having a spa treatment last Ramadhan. I forgot to mention that in this scene, next to me on the bed, I had a wonderful bundle of joy wrapped up in the softest aden + anais giraffe swaddle. His name is Daniel and he was only 2 days old. Fresh out of the oven.

While everyone was busy fasting, doing ibadah and going for terawih at night, I was chomping on biscuits in my room having crumbs fall all over Opah and Tok’s huge pocket shirts that kept me company throughout my confinement (May Allah bless their soul, I miss my grandmothers everyday!). And best part of all, while everyone ended their fasting month with victory, I was left with 30 days of fasting that I needed to replace all by myself. Hehe.

So this year, I’m soooo happy that I get to celebrate Ramadhan with everyone. I’m able to do ibadah like read the Quran and pray terawih and chase the multiplication of rewards that this month offers. I’m super excited! Let’s not waste this Ramadhan, guys. The month where the gates of heaven open and gates of hell close, and the devils are chained, Masyaallah. I for one know how sayang it is to watch the month fly by without being able to take full advantage of it. You really only know the goodness of it until there comes a time when you aren’t able to perform ibadah.

So, come on, yay to doing good, refraining from the bad, always having good niat and working hard! Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. In fact, it’s better to speak less altogether and just do more!

Oh ok, and Pasar Ramadhan’s got me excited too! Last year all I could have was porridge and steamed fish. This year, come to meeee ayam percik, come to meeee kuih lapis, come to meeeee chicken satay. Can’t wait to be with the family at the dining table again as this month also brings families closer together.

Ramadhan Mubarak, everyone. May we have strength, patience and come out of this month with increased iman and improved versions of ourselves. Amin!