sappy parents

June 19, 2014

Guys, I’m sappy. Like I’ve become sappy, it’s not cool.

So you know how we’re trying to sleep train Daniel. There wasn’t any Day 2 update on my blog, because well… we’re weak parents ok!?! *hides in shame* BUT we have been putting him to sleep in his own room. On the floor because I’m paranoid if he climbs over his cot and fall without us. So now, Dean and I have the bed to ourselves… until about 3 am when Daniel sleepwalks/cries all the way to our room and finds his spot in between us. So it’s slightly better now because from about 10pm till 3 am, Daniel knows he sleeps in his room.

But lately we’ve been working late and we haven’t seen much of him. Dean had a few talks he’s been giving (you can read about one of them here) and I’ve been working on this one major project for FV and preparing for dUCk’s latest release. So, yesterday night, we were getting ready for bed and I was moping around the bedroom.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Dean asked.

I sighed. “I’m so torn between trying to teach my son and controlling my own feelings. Now that he sleeps in his own room, is it bad that I really miss him at night?”

Dean dropped everything he was doing and came to me. His eyes just lit up. “I miss him too. I miss him sooooo much!”

So we went to Daniel’s room and just stared at him lying on the floor fast asleep. For all we know, he’s totally fine feeling on top of the world dreaming about Disneyland, but to us, he looked so small and helpless. Our hearts sank, and so did our bodies. Yep, we slept on the floor with him, Dean on his left and me on his right.

“So much for discipline! We’re so sappy. What’s wrong with us?!” I laughed.

Dean was already spooning Daniel to sleep with a huge smile on his face.