stroke my hair

June 23, 2014

I feel like I’ve been wearing the headscarf forever now, it feels really weird thinking to leave the house without it. But one day recently, I was getting ready and I ruffled my hair and thought Mannnn this outfit (spell: cleavage) looks good with that bedhair look. A bimbo moment right there, but it didn’t take me long before I realised that was actually syaitan whispering sweet nothings to my ear. Pftttt sneaky syaitan always creeps up uninvited. *whips the air*

I love wearing the headscarf and apart from moments where Daniel pulls it in all direction (Daniel, Daniel…), I’m so thankful God opened up my heart to accept the headscarf. Now on the way to complete hijab… not as easy as you can preach! You know what helps? The people you hang out with, especially your husband. Dean is so supportive of me covering up and I think when your husband is on your side, everything else falls into place. For wives and women in general, we want to make sure we look beautiful in our partners’ eyes.

The other day, Dean and I were holding hands walking in a mall and in front of us, there was a couple. The guy was saying something to the girl and he stroked her hair. I think it’s really sweet when people stroke their wife’s hair. It shows the sweetest affection but not in a lets-get-a-room way. More of a I-love-you-which-handbag-do-you-want-today way.

I turned to Dean all manja wife mode. “Awwww remember when you used to stroke my hair? Sometimes I miss you stroking my hair.”

Dean looked at my head, pointing to the fabric wrapping it tightly. “Errr… that’s a bit tough now, baby.”

“Well, duh!” I laughed, fixing the top of my headscarf that Dean accidentally pulled slightly.

He looked at me, scanned my face up and down and went, “Ok, nah, nah… I stroke your hair.. come here…” and he pulled me close while stroking my… eyebrows.

I batted his hands away from my face and laughed. “Go awayyyy!”

“You said you want me to stroke your hair!” as he stroked my eyebrows with love and affection in the middle of the mall.

Ok la, can la.. hair also.