the many “1 thing”s

June 10, 2014

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So, Allianz has this campaign and asked us Malaysians a very important question. 

What is the 1 thing that matters to you most?

I couldn’t think of just ONE. You should’ve seen me when I was thinking hard about this. So many things popped into my head, and I kept looking at the Allianz logo on my screen and going, “Why such a hard question grrrr.”

But it’s good. Think about it and it will really put your life in perspective. You will be more focused on what it is that you’re looking for in life and not waste time on things you shouldn’t worry about.

Ok so greedy me came up with all these important things in my life. (I know it looks like a lot, but trust me, I have a good ending to this!)

 The ability to pray.

At the end of the day, I always need a reminder that everything comes from God. I can work soooo hard but if God has other plans for me, nothing will materialize. So I can’t compromise time with my Creator.


 This little boy.

God dropped a beautiful gift in my life that has changed my life completely. He’s taught me so much and he’s not even 1 year old yet! I have my stressful moments with him, but I need to be able to come home and see his huge smile everyday.


 My family.

My husband, my parents, my inlaws, my best friends, they mean the world to me and it’s my dream to be able to have time with them for as long as I can. I want to be able to enjoy life with them and do all sorts of activities with them.


 My job.

Nothing can tear me away from my job. Even if I’m in my confinement or whatever, I’m just itching to go to the office and be with the people I love which are my colleagues. I love what I do and I think I would actually be depressed if I can’t work.


 Travel the world.

Life is so beautiful and there’s just so much it offers if we only make time to explore what’s out there. I have so many places I haven’t checked in my Go-To list and I would love to be given the opportunity to travel the world.


So yeah, Allianz, those are the things that matter most to me. #greedy

Recently I had high fever and I was shivering. I couldn’t get out of bed (except to take this selfie teehee) and I was wearing 3 layers of clothes.


My temperature was going up and up. Dean was worried. Daniel was crying for me. I couldn’t go to work. My phone was beeping yet I didn’t have the energy to deal with issues. Forget traveling la right?!

At the end of the day… I can have these 5 things that matter to me. But I can’t do these 5 things if I don’t have…. My health.

So I guess the 1 thing that matters to me MOST is my health.

I need to be active, I need to be healthy and I need to care about my body. So as I near the big 3-0 (3 more years guys!), I can’t play around anymore. Gotta exercise, gotta eat healthy, gotta get insurance plans, gotta be serious!

What about you? Share your story here.