twisting and twirling

June 5, 2014

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I know I seem to wear this brown scarf a lot, I’m such a boring brown person and it’s so easy to match with any outfit. The next dUCk collection will have a lotttt of nude shades so be prepared for that end of this month!

Anyway, after a Melissa Shoes event, the FV girls and I had some fun shooting in the sun. Literally… it was just sooo hot outside. But that didn’t stop me from twisting and twirling in this gorgeous maxi skirt, for passing cars’ entertainment hehe. Swish swish swish… Try it! It’s surprisingly liberating when you get smiles from people passing by. Well… confused smiles, but still, smiles!

Wearing scarf from dUCk, metal belt from FreeFlow (comes in beige, red and black)Β and maxi skirt from The Extra Piece (comes in gold, black and blue) from FashionValet. Shirt from H&M, bag from Celine and sunnies from Dior.Β