where art thou, remote

June 29, 2014


The whole evening today, Dean and I were looking everywhere for the Astro remote control. Daniel is always the culprit now that he has discovered legs and he is soooo active and loud (and so cute Masyaallah when I see his butt running around the house, hands wailing in the air for no reason). The other day, I found my credit card on the carpet, Dean found some money at his play area (Daniel loves money btw, it’s quite funny), and remote controls at the darnest places. And did you guys see my instagram post of teabags all over the floor? I made him clean it up, that boy. I dread the day he can reach the fridge door because I’m pretty sure I’ll find chicken or steaks defrosting in the bathtub.

We looked for the remote control in our room, in his room, in my handbag, in between cushions… everywhere! And when we ask him where he put it, he innocently put up both arms out by his side and went “Hehhh?” like he had nothing to do with it. It was soooo cute I can’t even. But as cute and cheeky as he is, we are losing things in the house and finding them in odd places. I’m sure this is normal huh?

But at the end of the day, I don’t mind at all. I’m just enjoying this phase of my life because it’s just flying by so fast.

Daniel’s almost 1 soon, and this whole year he has just brought so much happiness in Dean’s and my life. Everytime I walk into a room, his face lights up and he just wobbles over to me with a big smile on his face. He is superrrr clingy to me (still wakes up a few times a night, I’m still sleep deprived, guys) but I find myself hoping he wakes up sometimes so that I can see him come to me and I get to squeeze him in my arms. He’s definitely brought new meaning to my life, and I just.. sigh.. I just love him. Today when he walked to me with that big grin, I hugged him soooo tight he squirmed to get away from me. Hehe. So geram.

Ok back to looking for the remote. Wish us luck! So sick of watching 5 adults go “One two three four… HIGH FIVE!” over and over again. Need to watch the bloody news or something for a change!

Now… if I was an Astro remote, where would I be….