alphabetsaurus vs transformers

July 15, 2014

Dean and I have completely different ideas for Daniel’s toys.

Me: Straight to the educational toys. Anything that has ABC or 123. Or anything that has the phrase “Stimulate your child’s brain”.

Dean: Straight to the X-Men Spiderman dinosaur whatnot. You know, the not-so-smart section.

“Come on, Daniel, follow Mommy,” I hold out my hand for Daniel to come with me to my fun section.

“No, Daniel, follow Daddy. Let’s go find the superheroes!” Dean will hold out his hand to lead Daniel to the violent section.

In the end, Daniel will be somewhere in the middle playing with something he found on the floor, and Dean and I will be carrying an armload of toys for us. I mean, for Daniel. For today’s Toys’R’us trip, I chose for Daniel an Alphabetsaurus, which is a super cute and super fun dinosaur that has alphabets on it that when you click say out A for Apple and G for Giggle followed by an adorable giggle sound. Too cute!! We got home and I was so excited to open it with Daniel. I was struggling trying to tear the packaging apart and called Dean for help. “Sayang, help me open the dinosaur!” I wailed.

Dean was on the couch playing with his pick of the day; a toy car that can change into a robot. Some Transformers thingy he said.

“Sayang!” I called him again followed by a distracted Dean going “This is so cool…” at the car/robot/can’t decide what it wants to be.

Finally my dinosaur was opened and I kept pressing on the alphabets happily.

It took us a few minutes to realise Daniel wasn’t even in the room. He had already walked to the kitchen and is now playing with teabags and laughing as he dangles them in the air.

I guess Toys’R’us is really just a trip for the parents.