cold sore

July 6, 2014

One thing I like to do throughout the day is drink loads of water. I feel weak when I can’t drink water and I get so dehydrated that I have to reapply my lip balm every few minutes to hide my dry lips. And worst of all, I get cold sores. Red mosquito bite-like thingies on my face (they always just attack the face don’t they, why oh why).

Anyway, so during Ramadhan, I’ve been getting red dots on my face due to dehydration. I chug down my throat bottles of water at night of course and drink until my tummy looks 3 months pregnant, but still I get the occasional cold sores. Can’t be helped, I guess, especially the combination of air conditioning blasting indoors and our scorching hot Malaysian weather outdoors.

Today, a big one on my upper lip.


Can’t really see how bad it is because of the sunlight and the phone resolution, but there’s a super red bump right there I swear.

I was conscious about it all day and would check the mirror every few minutes to see if it has gone down. Of course I keep thinking it has gotten even bigger each time.

Guess who’s having a field day about my cold sore? Oh, my husband, of course. Love of my life.

“Do you notice it?” I looked at Dean and asked.

“Notice what? The super huge thing on your lip? Oh, it’s hardly noticeable,” followed by an evil chuckle.

And more of these kinds of remarks…

“Whoaaa baby, what is that? I can’t look directly at it.”

“Push it back in, baby. Push it back in.”

“Hey baby, I think your lipstick ran… Oh wait…”

And when I look at him, he goes, “WHOAAA, that’s scary!” 


Anyone know what to do to get rid of cold sores?