daniel is turning one

July 4, 2014

Daniel turns one next week and people have been asking what I have planned for him and how excited they are to see a lavish celebration. Well…. I hope a lavish birthday to you means me baking a burnt cake (that will end up to become brownies because I’m that good at baking) and Dean, Daniel and I in one end of the dining table taking selfies. Hehe.

On the AVA group chat today, Toots asked me what I have planned for Daniel. My answer:


Tough love, indeed! My dad, as soft as he is, tries to always discipline us sisters and always try to keep our heads firmly on our shoulders. Yes, birthdays are special, but some people take birthdays too seriously that they’re just not good for anyone! Of course he gives us a huge kiss and birthday presents, but before that he will tell us about life (longgggg monologue here) and even make us answer his questions like “What do you expect to achieve this year?” since it’s a whole new year in our lives. He even writes them down so later on he can throw it back to our faces when we screw up. I used to find it so annoying but now that I’m a parent, I think that’s quite clever to do that to your child! Haha. It might be a small thing, but it’s definitely meaningful because you actually make your child make a vow to herself that she came up with herself, and it keeps her in check throughout the year. (Well, that’s the hope anyway!)

So next week, Daniel, prepare yourself because I’m going to ask you on your first birthday, “What do you expect to achieve this year?”.


Yep that’s right. Think about your answer, my son.

Your answer better be “To do really well in play class.”

I expect nothing less, sweetheart. *nose in air*