easy sunday

July 7, 2014

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(This last picture had a little bug near my face. Nature and I = not so close friends…)

It was one of those days. Sunny, beautiful, easy and free. Ahh Sunday, why can’t there be 4 of you in a week?

It was a day of running around catching after Daniel with Dean, so that only meant one thing; casual. Flats, jeans, and a huge cardigan for ultimate comfort. Hope you guys had a wonderful Sunday. I know I did with Dean and Daniel. Happiness with our little bub.

Wearing cardigan from Lawa-Lawa, inner top from FV BASICS and scarf from dUCk‘s new collection (launching end of this week), all FashionValet. Jeans from Zara, flats from Chanel and bag from Celine.