greedy me

July 22, 2014

“Can I takeaway the Tomato & Herb Linguine, please?” I smiled at the nice guy behind the Coffee & Bean counter.

“We have sold out on that. Would you like anything else?” He answers.

“Aww man, I really wanted that… I don’t really feel like anything else. But ok, I’ll have the Chicken & Mushroom Fusilli, please.”

I walked out happily with my pasta in one hand and a Mudpie ice blended in the other. Yummm.

In the car, I thought about what happened there. I always have this problem. I want something, it’s not available, I’ll buy something else just because. It’s really bad, guys! So I opened this topic with Dean in the car.

“Hey sayang, do you notice something about me?”

“I notice everything about you! You look awesome today, is that a new tudung?”


“Ish, no. Do you notice this behavior of mine… like if I really want something, and they don’t have it, I’ll get something else just because. Even if I don’t really want it.”

“Oh that! Yeah of course! And also even if they do have the thing you want and you get it, and then you realise you might’ve missed out on the other thing, so you get that other thing too.”


“And also with food! When we’re at a restaurant, you can’t decide which dish you want to eat, so you’ll order one. Then you realise you feel itchy because you feel like you should’ve ordered the second item. So then you do. And then you realise it’s not that amazing. So you don’t end up finishing your food. Both your food.”


“Oh! And this doesn’t just happen during your first dish. Sometimes, even at the start of the meal, you order two dishes because you can’t decide which one you want. And you realise –“

“Ok I get it!!”

Sheesh, before this, he had nothing to say. Now it’s like he has verbal diarrhea.

But I have a problem guys. A greed / indecisive problem. Help.

*looks at the chicken mushroom fusilli on table*

You know what.. I’m going to eat thatΒ right nowΒ just to prove Dean wrong. Hmppphh.