seeing monochrome

July 2, 2014

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It’s been one of the most hectic weeks in my life, professionally and personally. We had a huge launch which is Nora Danish for FashionValet Eid collection (everything is RM 199, you have to check it out!) and I’ve been answering press left right center for this first ever celebrity collaboration with Nora. The response is pretty amazing, Alhamdulillah. Will post up BTS pics soon.

Personal life, Daniel is just such a delight to be around because he’s starting to talk. He’ll babble words none of us understand yet words that make us tickle with excitement inside. I never knew I’d be so intrigued with “Geh geh” and “Bwa Bwa”. I just know they mean “I love you Mommy” in Daniel language. Now that Ramadhan is here, Dean and I barely have sleep at all because we’ll finish work on our laptops so late and in a couple of hours we wake up for sahur. In between all this, Daniel will wake up for breastfeeding sessions. It’s pretty challenging (and exhausting!) but I love this rush.

Anyway, in spirit of the #nd4fv collection’s monochrome-ness, I present to you today’s monochrome outfit.

Wearing striped shirt from Milktee, shoes from Melissa (all their shoes are on 20% off now at FV!) and scarf from dUCk, all FashionValet. Pants from 7 For All Mankind, bag from Celine.