warehouse mode

July 13, 2014

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Oh how my fingers have missed typing on these black keys, seeing words fill up this familiar white box on my screen. Love love love that I am finally united with my blog, my beautiful escape.

This week I have just been ridiculously busy in the office with the operations team. Dean and I put everything on hold for a while because we can’t leave the office and the warehouse. As usual, Raya period is the craziest and most stressful for any online store, especially ours. We will be cutting all Raya orders on the 20th, so I would advise everyone to make their last minute Raya orders NOW. After the 21st, all orders on FV we cannot guarantee will arrive in time for Raya. Up to the 20th, we will make it happen Insyaallah! *roll up sleeves, flex biceps*

I’ve been wearing warehouse clothes (big top, no makeup) and I’ve been using the same handbag for a week (a sign of work fatigue, my loved ones will know.. haha). So ootds are not as frequent. But I’ve missed it too much, so I tucked in my oversized shirt and made Dean take these photos today.

Wearing scarf from dUCk from FashionValet. Shirt from Zara, pants from Peter Pilotto for Target, belt from Hermes, shoes from Aldo, bag from Louis Vuitton, sunnies from Tom Ford.