all in the mind

August 8, 2014









 This pregnancy has made me a bit lazy to dress up. Everyday I’m in a sweater and pants (which btw are getting too tight for my belly area *cries* oh but wait, excuse to go shopping for new ones maybe?) and my make up nowadays is just so minimal I never feel instagram-worthy anymore. Haha. What is it about first trimesters and feeling crappy? Must break out of the mould and tell myself everything is in the mind. You think crappy, you feel crappy. You think good, you feel good.

So I did that when I saw this purple kebaya in my wardrobe. Thought I needed a bit of beautiful print to perk me up and I went back into my familiar happy-fashion territory. I spent a good deal of time just trying different things in my wardrobe and immersing myself into my beautiful clothes. I finally decided to lose the bottom skirt of the kebaya, mix it up with a pair of crisp white pants and white headscarf to match. As I stepped out of my wardrobe and received a “Whoaaaa” and “Are all your usual sweaters in the wash?” from Dean, I felt nice that I made some effort today.

To making some effort everyday now!

Wearing dUCk scarf and kebaya top (comes in purple and pink) from Merah Cinta Hati, both FashionValet. Pants from Topshop, clutch from Louis Vuitton, heels from Giuseppe Zanotti.