city girl

August 19, 2014

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When I envisioned dUCk, I envision the city girl. The girl who has a ton of things to do but still wants to look put together all the time. The girl who is modern in thinking and is open-minded but wants to keep culture and heritage close to heart. The girl who is chic and sophisticated, confident and eloquent but still maintains her modesty. That is my dUCk girl, a proud wearer of the headscarf while she runs her everyday life like she owns the world.

So it was a no-brainer that we came up with the City Girl collection. I told the team I wanted the famous city skylines on a scarf and to pay tribute to where it all started, our beautiful city Kuala Lumpur was my obvious choice as the debut. The first batch completely sold out, and we were contemplating whether to do a restock or not. After reading emails from customers that they would love to get these as gifts or momentos for their overseas guests, I realised it was bigger than just dUCk. If we can promote our city and also our country through small things like these, that’s always a good thing!


A cute illustration of D I stole from dUCk hehe.

So there will be a huge restock tomorrow on FV at 11 am. Know any city girl you love? This will be the perfect gift!

Wearing KL scarf from dUCk and sweater from Milktee, from FashionValet. Jeans from Forever 21, bag from Celine and heels from Giuseppe Zanotti.