long hiatus

August 16, 2014

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After a long hiatus from work to settle my domestic issues, I just had to return to the office because I missed it too much. Sent Daniel to my mom’s, went “ThanksMaLoveYou!” and buried my head in work for a few hours. As much as I love Daniel with all my heart, I needed to talk to other adults and touch some files instead of his small picture books. Felt so good to hold meetings and discuss work stuff with the team, and seeing their faces instead of the usual daily whatsapp messages (I am a very annoying boss, I won’t leave you alone teehee).

I knew exactly what I wanted to wear that morning; a blazer. Any blazer. Don’t care. Have been living in sweaters and T-shirts at home that I needed to feel all serious again. Haha. An all black ensemble isn’t really my thing so I had to break it up with a hint of print that I found in my batik top. I could’ve worn my usual pants but I’ve been wanting to wear this skirt. This is actually part of the baju kurung from Nora Danish for FashionValet collection. I especially love it because it gives the pareo feel without the actual show-leg. It has no slit so hijabis will loveeeee it and the drape at the front is just oh so feminine.



The last day to enjoy this promotion is tomorrow (Sunday), so hurry and shop at FV!

Wearing top from Ruzz Gahara, skirt (part of this kurung) from Nora Danish for FashionValet, both fromΒ FashionValet. Blazer from Zara, shoes from Dior and scarf from a dUCk sample.Β