mommy is free

August 20, 2014

Do you guys hear that?

The sound of me screaming happily of freedom???

You know what that means, right…

I’ve stopped breastfeeding!!!!

I’m freeeee!!!

*does happy dance blows whistles and streamers sings with a marching band on top of a huge floral float*

Sorry Daniel, I really do love you, really. But man am I happy to have my boobs all to myself again after one whole year of sharing. Hehe.

It wasn’t a walk in the park though, the weaning process. A lot of tears and screaming by Daniel and mountains and mountains of guilt by me. The doctor said it wasn’t good to breastfeed while you are pregnant (can induce contractions), so he advised me to stop. I slowly weaned Daniel off by giving him yummier drinks and  distracted him everytime he wanted to breastfeed. Dean also helped A LOT by carrying him and walking him around  everytime he started throwing tantrums. The nights are the most difficult but Dean helped by putting Daniel to sleep without me in sight (if I’m there, he cries so loud) so I think after a while Daniel got used to it. Now he can just walk past my boobs and go Meh. Kinda hurts my feelings sometimes.

I hear a lot of stories about moms trying all sorts of ways to stop breastfeeding. Putting salt on their boobs, putting ginger there, putting lemon.. even plastering their boobs! I didn’t resort to any of that because the thought of putting ginger there makes me go Ew, but if it works for you, then by all means. For me, I talked to Daniel A LOT and explained to him that he is now going to only drink milk from the bottle. Whether or not he understood, only he and God knows. But it sure did help calm him down whenever he’s crying while I stroked his head gently.

If you ask me if I miss breastfeeding, I’d say not really. The leaking, the engorgements, the buying-bras-two-cups-bigger, the breastfeeding in public… not so fun for me. Every mom I meet lovessss breastfeeding and I totally respect that, but I’m just being honest that I like my freedom haha. Definitely can’t be poster child for breastfeeding, this woman. BUT I do agree that if you can breastfeed, please do so and sacrifice your freedom because your child needs your milk. The pahala in breastfeeding, Masyaallah! So I made sure that I at least breastfed Daniel for a year. Now that he has a lot of teeth, adios amigo.

What I do miss, though, is the bonding time with Daniel. So I make sure I bond with him through other ways like dancing around with him, or kissing him all over, or tickling him, or his personal favorite; singing to him. *voice of an angel, guys… clears throat*


Daniel obviously loves bonding time with Mommy too!

Thank you for being such an understanding son and future big brother, my love.

P/S: Sorry if there’s too much boob talk here, peeps. But moms gotta know!