my first maid lesson

August 13, 2014

I’ve been scrubbing showers, washing pots and changing poo all week long. Hence my time reduction on the blog, which I’m not happy about btw. I’ve done loads of laundry and have decided that Dean and Daniel only get 1 change of clothes a day. No more!

All this why, you ask?

Because that maid I told you I loved and you thought she was so funny with her silly emoticons… yeah she left me. *purses lips, clenches fist, books flight to Medan*

It’s all my fault, really. My mom and mil warned me that we shouldn’t let our maids go back home before their permit ends but Dean and I being all like oh-but-she-must-miss-her-kids-dearly, so we cleverly booked her a one week trip back home so she can be with her kids for Raya. I even bought her kids and her sister stuff and gave them money for school etc, and seeing my maid so happy made me so happy! Sometimes small things to us can mean the world to others, so it was all really humbling. I was so excited for her to be able to see her kids, I even lent her my suitcase! Like here here, take this gorgeous Samsonite luggage, let me help you secretly abandon me. *future maids now going to back with a paperbag, that’s it!*

A week went by and on the day she was supposed to come back, I get some sorry messages about how she can’t come back anymore because she needs to be with her kids bla bla bla. There were also some of her usual emoticons there so I knew it was really her. -___-“

Anyway, she has been messaging me to forgive her non-stop and I feel so mean that I haven’t replied because I simply do not know how to respond!! Like “Oh sureeee, no problem, don’t worry about it. Say hi to your kids!” All I could think about was how expensive my Samsonite suitcase was.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 5.29.13 PM

Goodbye forever, suitcase. (Picture taken a while back)

So there you have it, Vivy, your first lesson with maids. Dean was nice though. He was all like “Don’t judge a person’s actions because you don’t know if you’re in that situation, you wouldn’t do the same.” I guess it’s tough to be away from your kids, and the one chance you get to see them, I can only imagine how heartbreaking it must be to say bye-bye again. Even though I’m annoyed at her for making my life difficult this past week, I am secretly happy for her that she can restart her life again with her new money and not have to leave her kids. But when I think about my Samsonite suitcase, that happiness slowly fades. Bahahhaha. Ok ok seriously, jokes aside, I wish her well because the whole time she worked for me, she seriously made my life stress-free.

There is hikmah in all this, I believe. One, I learn my lesson about trust and human beings. Two, having to take care of Daniel on my own has made me learn so much about him and the bonding time is priceless. Three, Dean has started washing the dishes. Four, I can walk half-naked around my house. Five, I get a new suitcase.

Ok now… if your baby eats Koko Krunch and leaves chocolate hand marks all over your cabinet, what type of Mr. Muscle do you use to clean that? Or should I just switch to Honey Stars? -__-“