na, na, na

August 7, 2014

I feel so bad when I leave restaurants nowadays. One arm carrying Daniel, the other arm fixing my headscarf secretly covering face as I hurry my way to the exit. I will make sure I leave a decent tip to the waiters as I know it must be annoying to have customers like Daniel and I. And it’s all because of that scatter of mess that Daniel always leave below his baby chair for his beloved waiters.

Sometimes I will pick up the pieces that I can with his tissues and wet wipes…. as he just watches from his baby chair innocently. -____-” But when the situation is too bad, I just need to zoom out of there while mouthing “I’m soooo sorry, I promise he won’t come back!” to any waiter in sight.

*covers face – bad mom alert*

Daniel’s at the age now where he gets so excited to feed himself and he refuses to let anyone hold his cutlery. He will insist to hold the spoon and scoop his porridge/soup/anything at all by himself. He will scoop it and bring it to his mouth and by that time, only 5% of what he took will remain in his spoon. The other 95% is divided between his beautiful clothes (*cries*) and unfortunately… the floor. I keep having to argue with him exclaiming “But that’s not how you hold the spoon, Daniel!!” followed by a “Hmmphh!!!” grunt by Your Highness Daniel in his high chair. Everytime I take it away from him, he will cry and show tantrum. Ish, this boy!


Another thing he likes to do is pick up food and purposely drop it on the floor. I will scold him and give him the No No No finger movement and guess what, he thinks that’s funny!! He will giggle at me doing it and he’ll take out his own finger and go “Na, Na, Na…” And he’ll drop another one of his vegetables (ok fine, fries) on the floor and go “Na, Na, Na” again followed by “It’s not funny, Daniel!!”


How do you teach your 1-year-old some table manners?