the slowest ferrari ever

August 23, 2014

Oh you know… just fixing my sunnies in my new Ferrari.


But wait, you should read my story.

Ok so remember I told you I got Dean a Ferrari for his birthday back in April? Man, you guys don’t remember anything I say! Well, I did. And what I conveniently omitted was that it was a car rental. Hehe. Dean is in love with supercars so I rented Dean a Ferrari. On the website, it wrote Ferrari Thrill Driving Experience so I knew Dean would love it. He will get to drive a Ferrari to its limits and just get it out of his system. And best of all, he has to give it back after 5 hours so I don’t have to worry about a loud Ferrari living in our carpark.

Dean was so excited he planned the 5 hours well. He wanted to take me first in it to breakfast, have a lovely relaxing breakfast together and then pick up his brother and drive around Putrajaya. He tackily wore red and everything.

I was getting dressed, pretty stressed to think what to wear actually. An all-white outfit would be pretty chic right? All the hot Datins in Ferraris seem to be wearing that, I needed to look like I belong. So as I was steaming my white top, Dean walked into my wardrobe.

“You won’t believe what text I just got.”

“What what??”

“The owner of the Ferrari’s PA just texted me asking me for a favour.”

“What favour?”

“To not drive so fast.”

We both laughed thinking that was a joke. I mean… you rent a Ferrari…. the first thought usually isn’t a slow drive.

What Dean and I both didn’t know, and the website did not mention was that…

Bad: The model they sent was a different (older) model than the website showed.

Worse: The owner of the Ferarri will be following behind us the whole 5 hours.

A little funny: In a Myvi car.

Ohhhh you should’ve seen Dean’s face when they sent the Ferrari. What a buzzkill!! The whole time you would be worried about what the owner is thinking, not to mention how awkward it is to have someone follow you around like a bodyguard. And can you imagine the owner? He’d be like DON’T DRIVE MY CAR LIKE THAT THAT’S MY BABY. If I were him, my eyeballs would fall off from their sockets everytime the Ferrari makes a turn. Who can blame him for being scared haha. But at least the website should actually state the fact someone is following you. It’s like driving with your parents following closely behind you. Weeeee fun!

And during the drive, the owner and his staff kept calling us telling us to slow down because they can’t catch up. A Myvi couldn’t catch up with a Ferrari. No way. They asked us to drive slower because they needed to catch up with us, and although they were sweet to apologise for being annoying, it was already killing Dean’s mood. Everytime we went a bit fast, we had to stop. After a while, it gave us a headache. And to be honest, I was annoyed because this wasn’t the Ferrari thrill I paid for. Poor Dean! They should’ve just said you get to sit in a Ferrari, but please drive it like a Kancil. At 80km/h, we already had to slow down everytime we couldn’t see the Myvi behind us.

“Oh look, sayang, a Proton is overtaking us and the driver is laughing.” *Giggles*

Was that smoke I see coming out of Dean’s ears….?

Needless to say, we handed over the car in less than the allocated 5 hours because driving our own car would be faster.

So in conclusion, get your own Ferarri.

Happy birthday anyway, Sayang! Haha.