ultimate love story

August 1, 2014

When your mother’s cuticles look better than yours, you know you need to get yourself groomed. So off I went to the salon for a mani pedi session. I was looking forward to some me time and wanting to get my feet soaked in warm soapy water. I was thinking of getting some shut eye while the nice lady massaged my feet, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the big TV screen before me. There was this movie playing (that I later found out was titled The Lost Valentine) that got all of the ladies there, including me, engrossed.

It was a movie about a couple in love. They soon got married and there were scenes showing the happiness that was within them when they were together. Dancing, laughing, twirling, smiling… the happiness that the movie portrayed really reminded me of myself and Dean. Best friends in love, never a dull moment with each other kind of thing. They built their lives together, renovated their home together, Β it was just too beautiful to watch.

Then the husband left to serve his country for war. And that’s when the waiting game began. I’ve never imagined how wives of soldiers must feel every day of their lives. Everyday, they wait for news and they dread the day a man in uniform comes to their doorstep to deliver bad news. That’s what they showed in the movie. A man in uniform will come to the neighborhood with a telegram to deliver news of a soldier’s passing, and Caroline, the wife, would always shiver silently praying that the man was going to knock on another person’s door, not hers. Of course one day, the man came knocking on her door and delivered a telegram. And from that moment on, her heart broke and she went on to live sixty years without the love of her life.


Whether the movie is real or not, it sure left all of the ladies at the salon teary-eyed. People outside who saw us leave red-eyed probably crossed that salon off their list. Haha sorry!

But really, sometimes it’s movies like these that make me realise I need to appreciate the moments I have now because nothing is permanent in life. Forget the small petty things that annoy you, focus on the good moments and wanting to just be happy in this life. Everything is in God’s hands and we don’t know how long we have left in this world before we return back to Him forever. So let’s just focus on doing the good and leaving the bad, submitting to Him and pray that you and your loved ones get a place in Jannah where you will reside forever. I know that’s where I want to be twirling and laughing with Dean in the afterlife. Insyaallah.