the youngest

August 27, 2014


Which one are you?

I’m the charming one, guysssss. *bats eyelashes* *ignores rest of the text and focus on the last one*

Being the youngest, I’ve never known how it feels like to have a younger sibling. I’ve always been the baby of the family and that is the most fun position in a family, isn’t it?! My sister always had to give in to my every whim and her toys were pretty much mine. Barbie doll heads would be scattered on the floor while I would grin in glee holding the Barbie bodies. Apparently I thought decapitating Barbies were h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s, my parents should’ve gotten me checked.

Ok fine the youngest is always generalized as the most spoiled ones, and I won’t dispute that. *reminiscing times on the shop floor showing tantrums when Mom said no to a new toy* But will you agree that the youngest is always the glue that holds the family together. Ahem. *picks up basket to praise self*. No but seriously, the youngest being the manja one is always the one calling for family dinners or suggesting family trips or asking Mom to cook to that everyone has to eat at home tonight or being the peacemaker when someone fights etc etc. Is it the same in your family?

I’m definitely like that. But now that I am married and I can observe another family besides mine, I realise this is true for Dean’s family too. His youngest brother is always the one asking why we haven’t come in a while, or what are we having for dinner etc etc. So my theory is proven correct, guys! The youngest ones are always the most awesome ones! *pats self*


I’m still the baby of my own family, but in Dean’s family, that spot is already taken by his youngest brother, the baby of the family. Because I always see his face at home, we’ve gotten really close over the years that I feel like we’ve been siblings all our lives. Although he has his annoying times, he’s made me appreciate having a younger sibling to love and care for and having a brother is so much fun too. A different kind of fun, not the usual decapitating Barbie fun, but the whats-this-useless-lightsaber-thing-you-have-it-is-so-lame kind of fun. Today, he leaves to further his studies abroad and mannnn I’m going to miss him dearly. We had his khatam quran and doa session this morning and I just can’t imagine not seeing his face in the house for a long time! When the youngest goes away, their absence is always felt. *I speak from experience here, guys, Ahem!… my parents and sister were devastated when I left for the UK, I just know it*

Boo to growing up and leaving the nest.

But yay to being the youngest and most awesome child!