clean air, please

September 22, 2014

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Even though I’m not a nature outdoorsy person, I still like the sounds of birds chirping or the breezy wind naturally cooling my house or the pitter patter sound of rain. You know, especially when I’m thinking long and hard about life and whatnot. Need the perfect ambiance.

So everyday I like to open my windows wide to let the outside air in. But lately I’ve found myself to prefer the windows shut tight. Because of the horrible horrible haze. It’s so widespread now that they don’t even bother writing it in the news anymore! The air is just not the same anymore and breathing outside feels intoxicating! Do you notice you have to clean your nose from boogers a lot more these days? Just me?

Anyway, when the haze was at its peak, we ran straight to the shop and bought a an air purifier. The guy said the most popular one was Sharp, so we took his expert word and bought it. Even Daniel loves it! You guys have seen this instavideo I put up right? FIVE AM, he still goes to play with the machine!


Oh the fun times of motherhood at 5 am! Weeeee.

Anyhoo, I found out more about why Sharp is so pops. It’s because of their trademark-ed technology, the Plasmacluster Technology which is their proprietary air-disinfecting technology that inactivates suspended airborne contaminants that we can’t see in the air. This technology is found in a lotttt of their products from air purifiers to air conditioners, refrigerators, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dryers, manyyyy more. So you probably have this in your house and not even know it. They’ve sold over 50 million units of devices with this technology! 50 MILLION.

So what it does it emits positive and negative ions which purifies the air from any contaminants or any fungi, basically says bye bye to all the yucky stuff we don’t want in our house.

Just look.

In airconditioners, without the technology, we’re basically being blown fungi to our faces. The mystery of our pimples, perhaps?

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 11.38.19 PM

In washing machines, without the technology, there’s still a lot of fungi lingering around our “clean” clothes that we put on our bodies! I don’t use a Sharp washing machine so I thought MUST CHANGE NOW.

While I’m there, I might as well check out their latest model of air purifier, the FPE50E.

And oops.


This one, guys, has a HAZE MODE FUNCTION and a higher performance filter. When I read Haze, I’m like OK MUST HAVE. It is sooo what we need nowadays to clean as much of the air we breathe as we can. It’s so not funny when I think that Daniel is breathing toxic everyday, clogging up his body with bad stuff. Not cool.

For more information, check out these websites:  and

Get this air purifier for your home, guys! Then we can all open our windows again and hear birds chirping in peace.

Also check out this cute website of theirs and the Doraemon just brings back good childhood memories, doesn’t it? Sighhhh.