couples fight

September 15, 2014

Boy meets girl. Butterflies in stomach. Can’t sleep thinking about each other. Phone lights up with a message. Jump over to check if it’s him.

As much as I’d like to think I’m too cool for this, I’ve been here too. With Dean of course. Oh and when I was 15 and thought that college boy was into me. Whatevs #collegeboyswerecoolbackthen. My point is, you’ve been here too, whether or not you’d admit that in public. DON’T YOU LIE AND SAY NO.

Then you get married. And all the butterflies magically disappear and you know so much about each other that a different kind of love emerges. The one with tolerance and patience and such. Hehe. I told myself pre-marriage that Dean will never see me without makeup. Nowadays he has seen more prawn-induced swollen face than my skin doctor. I told myself I would rather pass out than let Dean hear me fart. Nowadays… you get the point. #iamstilltoocooltofartwhatevs #thatwasntmethatwasDaniel.

When you spend your whole life together and you live together, it’s completely different than just going on dates and being over the moon in love. Unless you married a unicorn, there’s bound to be lots of flaws you didn’t know about. And lucky for Dean and I, we have learned to love each other’s flaws to love each other’s goodness more than we dislike each other’s flaws. That’s why, before you get married, CHOOSE THE RIGHT PERSON. Of course easier said than done. So all the best!

Dean showed me this video about couples, and we both thought it was hilarious.

After laughing at how relatable this was, he turned to me, “Okay so seriously, what do you want for dinner?”

“Hmmm…. anything also can, you decide.”

And here we go again.