daniel’s first long flight

September 29, 2014

Bismillah. Bismillah. Bismillah… 

…was all I said as the plane took off.

It was Daniel’s first ever long haul flight. 13 hours of him, me and Dean in a confined space…. with hundreds other people who paid good money to expect 13 hours of rested journey. I really wanted to put a post-it on all the seats saying “Sorry, don’t count on it!” 

Daniel is 14 months now and very restless. He found his legs so he wants to walk/run/jump everywhere and he throws tantrums if you don’t give him what he wants. That’s bad mood. For good mood, he’ll babble and talk and go “Ba!” or “Ma!” or “Mamamamamamama!” really loudly. So let’s face it, those hundreds of people would really tick the “Asleep” box in my How Would You Like Your Daniel? survey.

I was well prepared though for the plane ride. Got his books, his snacks, his videos on the iPod, his milk, his bottles, his comfortable sleeping clothes, everything I could think of and that could fit in my big MISCHA duffel bag. Even thought of bringing his Lego set, but decided against it after I had visions of him throwing the pieces at innocent passengers. I. Would. Die.

13 hours passed.

Verdict? Not so bad actually! It was a bit difficult to put him to sleep, so he did cry for a bit and wanted to touch everything. A bit jakun, this boy. I guess he’s not used to the environment and it was weird for him to see so many strangers and… headphones (he was sooo intrigued with headphones, kudos to the inventor). His eyes were wide open as he was curious to watch everyone passing by, so my repetition of the Twinkle Twinkle Star song into his ear was just a waste of my saliva.


 Mommy’s not going to get any sleep, am I, Daniel?

Once he did sleep though, it was all good. He would toss and turn at times and let out a soft cry, but I would just tap his butt softly and he fell back to sleep. When he woke up for real, that was a bit of a problem. This time, he was well-rested, battery fully charged and all geared up to play. Walked the aisle a couple of times, and when I got tired, my friends Stevie, Casey, Lauren, Mary and Tim came to the rescue. You guys know them right?

I’ve always been so scared to take Daniel on a long flight. But the best advice I got was from Shentel who said “Just take it as it comes and deal with it when you’re there.” So so true. Because with toddlers, everything is unpredictable and you can plan all the ABCs of events, but it’s all up to them. So as parents, we should just keep calm, wing it and apologise like crazy to everyone after.

Oh, but you, dear parent, can kiss your 2-hour movies on plane goodbye.