in london town

September 27, 2014

So this morning I found myself here, Masyaallah.

photo 1

Hyde Park!!

Dean and I decided to take a family holiday and of course, we’d always choose London over the other exotic cities. Having both lived here for years, it’s so good to be back and step into the familiarity and university love memory lane. And it’s even more special because it’s Daniel’s first time in London! Well, he was in my tummy last time I came here, but I guess that doesn’t count since he didn’t get to see anything… just hear only. Haha. Same case for Baby No. 2 in my tummy too!

Dean and I were holding hands as we walked through the familiar streets of London today. “Isn’t it crazy 8 years ago we were walking right here… And now we have a son and another baby with us at this very moment at this very spot.” I snuggled up to him as we walked in this nice weather, wanting to enjoy every bit of this happiness.

Can’t wait to start letting Daniel in on where it all began for his Mommy and Daddy.

Not that he cares. He was more interested in touching dog poo in the park. But you know, I needed a reason to visit Harrods so yeah, here we are; our little family holiday.