lunch money

September 24, 2014

In my tummy now is a very very hungry child. I’m getting quite worried about how chubby he or she is going to be. -__-

I have to literally eat every 2 hours. If not, I’ll get a headache or I’ll feel like falling down. So completely different than my pregnancy with Daniel. Daniel was all maggi and Chatime. This one… this one needs gourmet meals and posh juices, guys. But other than that, I only want 2 things; ikan goreng (with nasi and kicap) OR whipped potato with extra gravy from KFC. I am so confused with this child, WHAT IS GOING ON. Are you posh… are you humble.. decide already!

Like today, I was going to cry when my usual go-to KFC was undergoing renovations. So we went up a bit further and found McDonald’s. By that time, I was already sooo hungry I felt like I was going to drop to the ground. (And I just had rice 2 hours earlier…)

Anyway, I stood in line through the lunch hour crowd. Smelled the yummy air of hot greasy oil and licked my lips as I saw orders going out to the people in front of me.

Hmmm… Do I want the chicken porridge? Ooohhh but those fries she got look so good…. Oh McFlurry! How can I forget! Chicken nuggets? My tummy grumbles. Ok chicken nuggets it is.

Why… is… this… lady… taking… so…. long? How much does she eat!!

Why… is… the… server… dragging…. her… feet? Hurry up and pack the burger already!!

At this point, I felt really lightheaded. Don’t faint, don’t faint, don’t faint.

Oh finally, my turn!!

Ok move, lady.

“Hi, just a quick question. Do you accept credit cards?” I ask cheerfully.

“No, Miss.”

“But I don’t have any cash with me. You don’t have a credit card machine?” I asked, this time not so cheerfully.

“No, Miss.”

I looked down at my purse and counted. 60 cents… sigh… can’t even buy an Iced Milo. I really felt like crying. I walked out hungry and felt sooo poor. What’s the use of a shiny credit card if it can’t even buy me lunch??? *cries blood* My stomach was grumbling even louder and my headache felt stronger. So. Hungry.

In the car, the driver asked me, sounding very concerned.

“Puan… makanan dah… habis makan semua ke?”

I sighed loudly and answered miserably, “Diorang tak terima credit card. Saya takde duit.”

I think he wanted to laugh but he held it in.

“Takpe, saya ada duit. Puan nak makan apa, saya beli?”

God bless his soul.

Cash! Always carry some cash!