miss didy

September 16, 2014

What I really need to work on is my time management. My tardiness is something I really can’t help, no matter how hard I try. In my efforts to improve that, I come to meetings early now thinking mannn I’m so proud of myself. Then because I’m so early, I’ll go to a shop or a bookstore while waiting for the other people… then before I know it, I’m late! Like how… how can that be?! I was early, I swear!!, I would tell the people, getting a bored Mmm-hmmm from them after. But, but I really was early…

One of those “people” is my favourite spa place. Everytime I book an appointment for a massage, I will get a “But please Miss Vivy, we need you to be on time this time, ok?”. My reputation there is well, not so good… even though I tell them to cut the time for my session. After being late sooo many times, this face cannot get any thicker. I cringe when I have to answer the dreaded question from them on the phone – “Can I have your name, please?”

Soooooo tempted to say Asma’.

“My name is Vivy,” I’d answer on the phone, palm on forehead while biting my lip.

After getting a troubled “Oh….” reply on the other side, I’ve been so shy to go back there!

But then! But then I find out they opened another outlet.Β Just like starting your first day in a new school, you can start fresh and have no reputation!Β I was in dire need of a massage, so I called them up to book an appointment today.

“Sure thing, one hour massage today. Can I have your name, please?”

Pause. Deep breath. “My name is Vivy.”

Pause. Oh no, they know!! They told this outlet too!!

Then, “Sorry I couldn’t hear you. Can you repeat your name, Miss?”

“Vivy. V-I-V-Y.”

“Ok sure let me write that down. D-I-D-Y. Ok, Miss Didy, we will see you later for your massage,” she said in a friendly tone. Whoaaa I felt so bad like I didn’t deserve that friendly tone. But technically, I did not lie. She misheard me, spelled my name wrong, and I did not want to waste any of her time since other customers might be calling! Pretty thoughtful of me, if you ask me.

I walked into the new outlet with a huge smile on my face. I was greeted by someone completely new and she gave me a smile. A smile, guys! Ahhh, fresh start feels so good.

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(in a relaxed whisper tone)

Ok guys, Miss Didy is ready for her massage now. Goodbye.