September 4, 2014

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So you think about something long and hard, plan your strategy, try to construct a good email that has all your serious points conveyed but still keeping the friendly tone. And at the end, you think for a few minutes whether or not to put a smiley face. Put, don’t put, put, don’t put… hmmm… lunch goes by and you’re still thinking how to end your email. Skip lunch and everything, asking people for their opinions. Finally, with a deep breath, you click SEND EMAIL.

Ah, she replied!!

You quickly check your phone and there you see it…

One word.



So so annoying.

Yeah, this T-shirt from FV BASICS was made for those kind of people. Know any? Perfect gift for them at only RM 59.

Oh, and have you heard! We’ve launched MISCHA bags on FV today and I was the most excited in the office. I’ve been a stalker of theirs for ages now and I’m so happy to get their signature printed bags on my site. Finallyyyyy, travel in style and not with an LV overnight bag that everybody at the airport seems to have. Something even cooler with MISCHA. I wore the super hot pink clutch here. I just love the quality of these bags and the fact that you don’t have to spend thousands of ringgit for them. Have a look!

mischa newsletter-1

Wearing scarf from dUCk, tshirt from FV BASICS, blazer from KITSCHEN, and clutch from MISCHA, all FashionValet. Pants from SeeLoveMine, heels from YSL.