simple question

September 21, 2014

While Toots is away on Hajj (we miss her terribly), Asma’ and I have been entertaining ourselves with things. Most recently, I was venting out to her about my stressful day and after listening and giving good advice, she said “Ok change topic now. What are you thankful for today?”

This simple question just turned everything around and perspectives just spun 180 degrees. You can think your whole day couldn’t get any worse, but God is fair. He tests you with hard challenges, but He also inserts goodness in your life. It’s only up to us whether we want to see positivity or not. If we choose to just be angry or depressed about something, we’ll never be happy or thankful.

At the time we were messaging each other, Daniel was next to me happily watching Hi-5.

Without even a few seconds to think, I just replied, “Daniel. Everyday, Daniel.”

It’s been 14 months now since Daniel entered into our lives and my goodness, it just gets even more amazing everyday. When I come home to him, I’m just so excited during the drive I wish I could fly through the traffic jam to get to him. And when I go “Daniellllll I’m homeeeee!” and he appears out of nowhere running to me, it’s as if I have a little piece of heaven in my life.

Visions of him smiling and laughing came to my mind, and I just am so thankful God landed him in our family.


I message Asma’ again after realizing how not cool I was. “Omg I’m such a sappy mom!! Yuck yuckkk!”

Daniel was shaking his hips in front of the TV, dancing to a Hi-5 song. I came to him and just wrestled him down to kiss him all over saying “Don’t grow up too fast. Don’t grow up too fast, you hear meeeee!” He pushed my face away and screamed, so annoyed that he can’t see the TV.

So much for love, Danny boy.

But yes, my point is… whenever you feel down, ask yourself a simple question. “Ok, that part sucks and I have to find a way to solve it intelligently. But for now, what am I thankful for today?”

It could be a great lunch, or a phone call from your mom, or that big pimple is now gone, or you didn’t walk into a pole today. Anything! Gotta always think, life is full of ups and downs, just gotta enjoy every moment of it.

You will be surprised how positive you’ll feel afterwards.