a lifetime of firsts

October 16, 2014

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I ran when the pigeons were coming my way at Hyde Park the other day and I jump on couches at people’s houses when their cats come out to the living rooms. So I’m not exactly the biggest animal lover you’ll meet.

But after I saw this video…


I’m sure I’ll reach motherhood moments when Daniel or my future children will want pets. My mom had to scoop up hamster’s poo when my sister had her pet phase, and my mil had her fair share of scary reptiles that Dean and his brothers would bring home in tupperwares for her to take care of; lizards, snakes, rats…. Boys are disgusting! I’m seriously dreading the day Daniel brings home a furry friend to me, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY. I GOT THIS *insert scary animal* FOR YOU.”

But after seeing how cute the little girl is in the Friso Gold video, I just can’t help but picture how Daniel would be if he ever hugged a rabbit. That’s the beauty of parenthood; you get to witness all their firsts. First laughter, first step, first day of school, first pet… I’m quite excited for my lifetime of witnessing Daniel’s firsts! And I’m not alone on this. Other parents are even more gung-ho and even keep a First Journal book to document the exact date and time!

If you agree, have a look at Friso’s Facebook page where parents share their parenthood joys and stories, and have discussions too. I used to be quite shy to share things about my personal parenthood stories, but I realize after sharing a bit on my blog that it really helps other moms especially new moms. Head on here to see –> https://www.facebook.com/FrisoGrowingUpTogether.