egg tarts, anyone?

October 31, 2014

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Jo San. Mmm Goy Sigh. Ha Lo. Bai Bai.

 I mean, seriously. You’d think Dean would notice that I’ve been dying to go to Hong Kong and Macau with all these phrases I keep repeating out loud around the house.

 “What are you muttering about?” he’d ask, looking up from his laptop.

 “Ngo siong hoi Macau!” I tell him. It means I want to go to Macau, as I’ve learned.

Could I be any more obvious?!

I recently bought sets of the Luxe Guides and am on a mission to go to every single place in the next 10 years or so. Not all at once, of course… I mean, Daniel apparently needs money for school fees and whatnot.

One on my bucket list is: MACAU.


Not for the reasons most people would go there though, I actually want to go there Halal-style; enjoying the beauties that this city offers. According to the Luxe Guide, November to March is blissfully spring-like in Macau. I only have December to travel before I go on to the last trimester of Baby M Fiesta, so I need to book tickets pronto.

What’s awesome is that Malaysians don’t need a special visa to go here, there are activities and festivals all year round, there are different types of cuisines for the food lovers, and there are 17 direct flights weekly from KL to Macau. Just take your pick, girl!

Tourist attractions in Macau:


Senado Square


Ruins of St. Paul’s


The House of Dancing Water – HK $2 million production of show.

fisherman wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf

macau tower

Macau Tower

a ma temple

A-Ma Temple

I imagine it to be such a nice relaxing holiday with my sunnies and flats, enjoying the culture that this city brings.

If Dean still doesn’t buy that, I’ll use the egg tarts. Apparently this city has the best egg tarts. And he loves them.


Anyway, if you want to go as well, you can go for free for 3 days and 2 nights!

Here’s what you have to do: 

1) Write up a blog post on the title – Dream Trip to Macau

2) Blog about three most amazing things that make you want to visit Macau and why you think you should be sent for this awesome opportunity.

3) Drop your blog post’s URL to the comment section of Nuffnang’s Official Blog Post.

For more information about Macau, visit Macau Government Tourist Office’s website & MYMacau Facebook page.

For more information regarding the contest, visit Nuffnang’s Official Blog Post.

Good luck to all!