October 7, 2014

So my girlfriends came over today to gush over Daniel. Daniel was not amused with the 6 pairs of girly eyes staring at him. He’s still the same clingy child, hugging my leg and burying his face into my neck in crowded places. But once he warms up and just observes a little longer, he starts to say things and if you’re lucky he’ll even comb your hair. -___-“ Oh my manly son.

My friends were teaching Daniel eyes, nose, mouth, etc. And tickling his tummy and he loved it. Whenever I enunciate with him and try to get him to repeat after me, he usually has his moods. Some days he will oblige and say “Door” and “Fish” and “Mickey” and whatever I tell him to repeat. But there are days when he just looks at me and tilts his head sideways with a big smile… then he twirls. And I wonder why people think he’s a girl.

Anyway, they were telling about this baby that famous blogger XiaXue has who is soooo smart and can finish your sentences and everything. Blood rushed to my head. What do you mean he can finish your sentences, what genius baby is this?! Apparently she’s a super hands-on mom who reads to the baby and talks to the baby until he can pick up stuff really quickly. He even says Hippopotamus. Daniel can’t even say Dog.

“But guys look, Daniel can eat by himself,” I pointed out as my son smears cupcake icing all over his mouth. “See, so smart too!”

They nodded politely.

“But you know, all babies are different. So whatever, I’ll let Daniel grow in his own time….”

 As soon as they left, I turned to Daniel and held him by the shoulders.

“Ok Daniel, let’s do this,” I say seriously. “HIP-PO-PO-TA-MUS. Go on, say it. It’s not that hard. Come on…. HIP-PO-PO-TA-MUS.”

What does he do?

He tilts his head and twirls.

Ok fine, so first day fail. Sokay guys, gimme a week or so. I’ll get Daniel to even spell the word. *rolls sleeves, cracks knuckles*


Boooo, but I just want to chase the pigeons in the park!