i can’t see it

October 19, 2014

People generally know that Dean is clever. He studied in Imperial College, he knows the ins and outs of airplanes from his aeronautical engineering masters, he is a known young entrepreneur, he gives talks and he solves math problems for us in the FV superteam grouchat that no one can solve. You think you know Excel very well, wait till he shows you some formulae to do some magic in your sheet. He is a N-E-R-D.

But you guys don’t know he is also a clever husband.

Especially when it comes to shopping.

In expensive stores.

So we were in Louis Vuitton the other day and I saw this gorgeous (by gorgeous I mean gorgeoussssss) bag that I might’ve possibly wanted (by might’ve possibly wanted I mean I have told you I wanted this bag many times). The first time I showed it to him, I pointed to the shelf.

“Oooohh look!! Such a nice bag, don’t you think?”

He looked at it. I saw him looking at it.

“Which bag?” he asked.

“There, that big purple one with the handles.”

“Which one?” he squinted his eyes.

“That one!! That purple one,” I moved three steps closer to the bag and pointed even nearer.

“But I don’t see any purple bag there.”

I looked at him, confused. “It’s. Right. There,” pointing vigorously at the bag.

He rubbed his eyes and squinted at the shelf again.

“I can’t see it.” He looks almost disappointed.

“What…. it’s there next to that brown bag.”

“Hmmm that’s funny, I can’t see anything….” he said and shrugged away.

I just realised what happened there. The nerveeee!! Pretend cannot see a designer handbag. You little slyyyyyy…

So clever, my husband.

Next time he wants dinner, I’m going to point to our empty dining table. When he says “I can’t see any food there”, I will rub my eyes, squint and say “Oh, you can’t see it? Maybe it’s your eye problem again.”