lucky number 8

October 15, 2014


If you haven’t puked enough from my cheesy insta feed, let me tell you that Dean and I had our 8-year anniversary yesterday. Not the wedding one (some people actually thought that…) but you know… the scandalous lovebudding-flowersbooming-sunshining-birdssinging kind of anniversary. Our very first date together was 8 years ago – remember the movie he brought me to that I had to pay for my own ticket? Yeah, that romantic anniversary.

I’ll keep the presents secret between the two of us, but for lunch I took him to Tanzini. Food wasn’t great but it was just nice to be together. We had meetings and a presentation during the day, but we made sure we kept the important meals free so we could be together. For dinner, he surprised me with Nobu which just opened btw and I couldn’t be happier! We used to go all the time in London, sharing dessert romantically and finally now we can relive those days without actually having to go on a 13-hour flight. We laughed the night away and almost forgot to pick Daniel up from my mom’s. Hehe.

I also got him this little mini cake. Paid a visit to Gateauxlicious’s kitchen to steal some of Asma’s rejected pile (cos that’s smarter than actually buying one, Dean is so lucky…) and found this. I carefully wrote the number 8 and a little heart next to it just for my man of 8 years.


Overworked sweatshirt from FV BASICS at FashionValet.

“Awwww, thank you baby! Did you make this?” Dean’s reaction when I gave it to him.

Did I make this… why do people even bother asking.

Ignoring the question, I went, “Look at the icing! I wrote that myself,” I beamed proudly.

“Yeah I see that. 8 for 8 years! And….”

“A heart. That’s a heart.”