major distraction

October 25, 2014

When I have to do work and the nanny is busy in the kitchen, I always hang out with Daniel in the living room. I’ll be on my laptop and he will be gawking at the TV screen to whatever’s on Disney Junior. I really don’t know how our parents did it before this. No TV, no nothing.. how do they get anything done?!

Anyway, guess how much work I got done? There was one line on the Excel sheet which is actually the title, all bolded and underlined. And the rest was just a big empty white space with grids. So basically, zero…nada… zilch.

Where my brain was? Who knows!

But my eyes were busy watching Sofia The First. I loveeeeee when her show’s on. And so does Daniel. So it’ll be both of us on the sofa eyes not blinking, being total couch potatoes oblivious to the rest of the world. When people see us, I’m like whattt someone has to be with Daniel. But really, there are many instances when Daniel has left the living room and I don’t even notice because I want to know if Sofia passed the Princess test in that episode. Like come on, you sort yourself out Daniel, Mommy’s busy.

I got ready this morning and guess what accompanied me in the toilet.


All this Disney Junior business is taking over my life, guys!!