team bride

October 9, 2014


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How does your calendar look like this next 2 months? For me, every weekend, there’s a wedding!! Love is definitely in the air and I’m feeling the love… you know, in between minor heartburns and pregnancy nausea. Hehe.

Three of my good friends are getting married soon and I can’t be happier for them. Today, I spent some time at one of their houses helping her and her mom make the wedding door gifts. Fold the tulle, cut the tulle into a perfect moon shape, wrap it around the beautiful crystal bowl with a majestic-looking chocolate egg in it, and finally tie a perfectly neat ribbon around it. It was extremely therapeutic and if all doesn’t go well with FV or dUCk, I think I’d make an awesome tulle-cutter. Bahahaha. But I’m serious, I actually think I have a talent in cutting things, guys. Β It was perfectly straight!

So anyway, with all these weddings happening around me, I couldn’t think of a better top to wear to best show my support.

If you’re a stressed bridezilla, then my advice is… it’s not too late to cancel! Hahaha ok joking joking. You’ve made deposits for most of the things anyway, so too late there. Ok JOKING AGAIN. Seriously, Barakallah to you and may God shower your future marriage with nothing but love and happiness and more of His blessings.

Wearing Team Bride pulloverΒ from FV BASICSΒ (comes from XS to XL)Β and Blurred Lines scarf from dUCk, both from FashionValet.