October 20, 2014

First it was the Astro remote. Then combs. Then he moved on to spatulas. Now Daniel’s latest obsession is toothbrushes. Not just any toothbrush; it has got to be either Mommy’s or Daddy’s.

We got him a cute grey one for himself. Threw it on the floor. We got him a plain white one thinking he’s a simple guy and all. Didn’t look twice at it. Then he saw ours. Man… did he claim ownership on our toothbrushes.

And it’s gross, guys. He would eat and drink and put stuff in his mouth. And then, he would happily stick our toothbrushes into his mouth and start “brushing his teeth”. And then we have to use them on ourselves! Grosss, Daniel!!!

One morning I was about to brush my teeth in my bathroom. And Daniel, being the clingy child that he is, would always be hanging around the bathroom to teman me. He would watch me brush my teeth but nowadays he would demand to have my toothbrush. No, Daniel, it’s mine, I would tell him sternly. And he would scrunch up his face, ready to throw a tantrum. No, Daniel, you cannot have my toothbrush, I stood my ground.

Not a good idea to stand your ground at a one-something year old.

Cried and cried and screamed and rolled on the floor.

Sheesh, you’d think I shrunk his Kenzo sweater or something. So dramatic, just like Mommy.

Fine, fine!! I exclaimed.

As if he knew, he got up and looked at me hopefully.

I looked at my toothbrush and the thought of Daniel rubbing it all over his face and the floor and all. I love you, baby, but no thanks. And suddenly my eyes fell onto another toothbrush on the bathroom counter. A glistening blue one. Dean’s toothbrush.

Without even hesitating, I took it. Sorry husband, I still love you and all.

Here, have Daddy’s one. But don’t tell him ok. 

And happily it went into Daniel’s mouth and helped “brush his teeth”. I really hope Dean washes his toothbrush first before using it in the morning. Teehee.