am i a whale?

November 14, 2014

Didn’t think my previous post would stir up so much, I received a lot of emails from angry moms accompanied with words of encouragement. Thanks for the love guys, Masyaallah!! But I’m really ok! Was just angry that night and I’m pretty much over it by now. Husbands play such an important role in our lives and I’m super lucky to have Dean who knows how to handle me. In the weirdest most non-romantic way possible. But it works haha.

This was us yesterday:

After looking in the mirror with my ever growing bump (and thighs and arms and face, let’s not get me started shall we?), I noticed that I have gained weight even more than when I was pregnant with Daniel. Mannn… I read that pregnant women should expect to balloon up so being skinny should never be in our minds. I get it, and don’t worry, I’m not about to starve on a diet! Every woman will have to endure the weight gain which we can lose after birth, but still… months of being “fat” is just not a fun period to have mirrors in the house. *cries*

There’s nothing I can do about it, so… what are husbands for.

I plumped myself next to Dean on the sofa. He was innocently watching The Voice.

“Baby, am I a whale?” I asked Dean in the most manja aka the most dangerous tone, expecting only ONE answer.

“Of course not!” He said, giving me the utmost satisfaction. Clever husband.

“Ok, but I feel like a whale….” I wasn’t done being a mengada wife, as you can see.

“Oh, but you’re not,” he said stroking my hair. “Hey! Did you know whales are mammals?” Dean asked.

“Uhh… yeah I guess.”

“So are dolphins. But what about whalesharks?”

“Uhhh… they’re mammals too… I guess.”

“Do you think penguins are mammals?”


Dean laughed. “You don’t know if penguins are mammals?”

“Of course I do,” I answered defensively, I’m never one to admit defeat. “It depends which penguins you’re talking about as there are a lot of penguin species,” my proud as-a-matter-of-fact answer.

“Is that so?”

And he went on asking me if elephants and reptiles are mammals.

After a while, I was thinking howwwww on earth did a manja am-I-fat conversation get to mammals and reptiles… he swerved the dangerous topic so smoothly to some other super non-romantic topic and got me quietly googling “Are Penguins Mammals?”. My cellulites were the last thing in my mind after that. Thank you, dear husband.

Now… I bet you’re going to google if penguins are mammals or not.