an introduction to #staybeautiful

November 21, 2014

I was having a casual lunch in the office with some guests and all of a sudden the topic was pantang (confinement). We all shared how our confinement experiences were and mannn it was like a universal thing; PANTANG IS DEPRESSING! And why not; that’s when our bodies go through changes, we have flabby pooches after 9 months of big stretch, we have stretch marks, we have engorged breasts, we smell with all the herbs and whatnot, we can’t eat and drink BigMacs and all things yummy, and the most life-changing thing of all… we are now moms responsible for a human being (or two, if God gave you twins you superwoman you!).

Rewinding my life 16 months ago, I still remember the day we brought Daniel home. I think I was pale the whole day because on top of the overwhelmed miracle of having a child, I was so scared. I didn’t even prepare diapers at home, I was sure I was going to screw this motherhood thing up, even if I tried. Haha. Pantang was definitely hard for me, being someone who’s always on the go and who loves working. Confining me to four walls did not go down well; had daily fights with my mom, cries uncontrollably to Dean, and on top of that, I was breastfeeding around the clock with Daniel! While crying!!

It was not sexy. Haha.

It gets easier, I realize. Each day with Daniel is more beautiful and I can’t imagine life without my beautiful son. But it’s true what they say; say goodbye to the old you!


Then: “Sure, let’s go for a movie. Pick me up in 10 mins!”

Now: “Oh, that’s when Daniel naps. Is there another movie time? Oh I can’t either, that’s when he has his meal.”


Then: “Sure, drinks after work? Let’s go!”

Now: “Oh I can’t. I really have to get home to my son, I really miss him when I’m at work. You guys have fun!”


Then: “Dinner last night was so good. We had Thai food that was delicious!”

Now: “Wait… did I even have dinner last night, I can’t remember…”


Then: “Look at my gorgeous nails. Had them coloured and cleaned at the salon earlier.”

Now: *hides unkempt nails and cuticles*


Then: “I had such good sleep last night. 10 hours of just rest!”

Now: “I haven’t seen my bed in a year.”


Ok I exaggerate. But my point is life has changed completely. And although I love my life so much, I do wish I had more “me” time. And guess what… again this is a universal thing. ALL MOMS I MEET SAY THE SAME THING.

When P&G approached dUCk to collaborate on this special campaign, I wanted to know more. When they told me about the #StayBeautiful campaign, oh goddddd they had me at “Moms need more me time.” SOLD!!!!

It’s such a beautiful and heartwarming campaign, seriously. Watch this video.

 So so so so true!!! I literally wanted to pick up these babies when I watched this video. I felt guilty, and they’re not even my children!!

Moms have no choice. We have been sprinkled with Mom Guilt Powder all over us after delivering our children, I’m telling you. No matter how hectic or how important something is, we would always always put our children first. That’s just how this magical Powder works, guys.

So it was really nice of P&G to acknowledge moms and remind moms (or rather, our husbands!) that we also need our “me” time and we also need to #staybeautiful. Be it a pampering session, or a girl’s getaway (*cough*London*cough*) or anything at all, I think moms deserve it.

So from dUCk, we’d like to give all Malaysian moms a gift from our hearts. A design collaboration from dUCk’s brand ambassador D and myself, we came up with a special #StayBeautiful dUCk scarf just for you. You get it free!! But wait, I will pour out more details soon. I also won’t reveal the design or what’s special about it just yet… Stay tuned for those!

We had our campaign shoot with P&G recently and here are some pictures to share:

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The beautiful reflective packaging that we came up with for this collaboration with P&G. Details coming sooooonnnnn!