bert! bert!

November 4, 2014

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I admit it. I’m one of those moms who carry wet wipes everywhere in case Daniel touches dusty corners or icky bugs. Even the thought of my son being on the grass makes me uncomfortable.

And then I found this video.

WHO IS THIS BRIDGETTE GIRL AND WHY IS SHE SO CUTE OMGGGGGGGG. She looks so happy playing with the sprinklers and the water, I almost wanted to bring Daniel to the bathroom and play with the taps. On normal days, I would freakkkkk out if Daniel wet his clothes in public, but Bridgette is opening a whole new side to Mommy Vivy. Go play with water, Daniel.

This also reminded me of Daniel when we took him to the park in London. He actually gets to experience playing and running on the grass. He bent down to grab grass and soil and my face went pale when I saw him rub them all over his face. Oh god, his nails are all black. My child looks homeless. It’s ok let him experience it, we can shower him later… I consoled myself.

Daniel… oh Daniel. He was sooo excited, he didn’t want to leave the park. We have never taken him to one, so he was embarrassingly jakun in London looking at the pigeons and ducks. He would point to a bird and go “BERT!”. He would just giggle and scream, chasing after that. Gosh, my heart just melted.

But Daniel being Daniel, I couldn’t capture this all on video or photos because as soon as I would whip out the camera and he sees it, he gets all quiet. It’s so annoying! Everytime I tell people Daniel is so chatty and stuff, they don’t believe me because when they come over and Daniel is not used to them, he just observes and keeps quiet. Grrrrr, help Mommy out here Daniel!!


That’s the happiest you’ll see Daniel on camera. -___-“

If you’re a little bit on the uptight side as a parent, let your hair down and go experience new things with your children! Seriously, when you watch them get amazed at new things, it’s a really awesome feeling.

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