flaky cheeks

November 6, 2014

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When we first got back from our holiday in London, rubbing Daniel’s cheeks and forcing good night kisses on him wasn’t as fulfilling anymore. I used to go MMMMMM GERAM that I feel like biting him with love. But at that time I went HMMMMM your skin is soooo dry, baby!!

London weather is obviously cold and dehydrating so I know to stuff him with more milk and more water to keep him hydrated. But somehow that wasn’t enough as his cheeks were mildly flaking.

Then I read Kimberly’s blog about the Doktor Budak “Are You Caring For His Skin The Right Way?” event that she attended last September, and panicked at this statement.

“Did you know that baby skin is 30% thinner than adult skin, and loses water more quickly during the first 12 months of his life? No, I didn’t!”

Daniel’s 15 months but still, I would imagine his skin is still super thin and can lose water easily.


*hugs so tight*

I felt so bad that I did not restock Daniel’s lotion when I ran out of it, so immediately I went out to get Johnson’s baby lotion for him and slathered like mad. This is why:

1)   Baby’s skin is super sensitive to dryness, irritation and infection

2)   Water alone is not sufficient to keep babies from all the sensitive reactions mentioned above

3)   Because babies can’t take care of their skin themselves so we as parents should take extra care!

4)   Right baby-specific skincare is critical in the first months of a baby’s life – harsh shop that we adults use are a no-no for them because it can damage their skin barrier.

We seriously need to tell other moms this because if they’re anything like me, they wouldn’t know this either! It’s really good that Johnson’s organized this event for the public so we can all learn from the workshop. Babies are different, they need different products than us; products that are safer, milder and gentle. Now that I am having my second baby, I am even more determined to choose only the best for my children’s skin. And so far, for me Johnson’s, with their over 100 years experience in skincare, is the trusted brand I go to.


The key to the right baby skincare is 3:

1)   Safe – scientifically tested for levels of safety from the content right to the ink used for packaging!

2)   Mild – products don’t cause redness, stinging and irritation on baby.

3)   Effective – with proven benefits and efficacy to care for baby’s skin needs.

In addition to that, I’ve also learned some other tips from Kimberly’s blogpost:

1)   Choose the right skincare which is gentle for babies. After bath, seal the moisture in baby’s skin with lotion or massage oil.

2)   Must always check folds of the skin such as neck, inner part of elbows and behind knees where things are hidden. Must always try to keep these areas as dry as possible.

3)   Wash new clothes and sheets before use.

4)   Massage your baby before his bedtime. It reduces colic, encourages better growth and improves sleep. All good things for their skin!

It’s so so important to care for your baby’s skin, especially in weather changes and travel and the long plane rides. Children don’t know how to do it themselves so they rely on us, the parents, to care for them. If we ourselves don’t care, no one will! And my baby’s cheeks will keep on flaking. (I exaggerate but you know what I mean…)

After rubbing Daniel’s cheeks with baby lotion and singing happily to him, I even got a cheeky smile out of him. He probably feels a lot better now and is trying to say “I love you, Mommy.”

I love you too, my child, flaky cheeks and all.