fountain of love

November 24, 2014

Sooo… Dean learned an important lesson in parenting.

Never let your child jump on you after milk time.

Nights are the best for us as parents because we get to forget all our work issues and just watch our baby boy entertain us. His bad bad dancing to Disney songs (sorry you got Daddy’s dance moves, DanDan!), his sweet little grin, his babbling of words that even he doesn’t understand, they’re all so entertaining. Dean’s personal favourite is lying down and letting Daniel stand on his chest. They both laugh so much when Daniel falls off to the bed or the couch, and they can repeat it over and over again. It’s really mind-blowing to see how falling can amuse Daniel so much.

Anyway, so that one night was no exception. The 2 boys were laughing so much on the bed. And suddenly Daniel, while standing up on Dean, made a face.

Uh-oh I know that face.

And within a split second, Daniel’s fountain of love came out. Twice.



I tried to console Dean with all sorts of lies; you still look hot, that is abstract art on your shirt, no no you still smell really good don’t worry, they only do it to the ones they really love, no I’m not laughing at youuuuu.

The whole time I was actually thinking….. thank God it wasn’t me.