homework time

November 30, 2014

My previously-little-now-not-so-little nephew is now 8 and though he is still our precious sweetheart being the first grandchild and all, he is getting more playful! With this era of iPads and iPhones and iDon’twanttodohomework, it’s getting harder and harder for parents to keep their children focused. Homework time feels like the longest time in the world, and they’re just looking forward to Game time. Who can blame them, even I look forward to Game time. Haha.

After getting a good scolding from my sister, my nephew is behaving a bit more now and I came back seeing him do his homework quietly on the table. I should’ve taken a photo of that! But I was just too shocked. Haha.

“Heyyyy, whatcha doing, baby?” I came to him kissing his head.

“I’m doing homework, Maksu. Oh no wait, actually I finished my homework. This is just an exercise book that Mommy bought me so I could do extra work.”

“Wow, so you’re doing extra work? That’s amazing!”

“Yeah I know. I am a good boy,” he said proudly as he circled B on the selection of answers.

I sat with him, just watching him adoringly and smilingly. Sigh, when did my little nephew get so big? In 4 years, he’s going to high school! And I still remember him as a baby crawling around the house with drool everywhere. As I reminisce quietly thinking of memories of him as a baby, I notice something funny as he did his work.

He somehow got every question right, and that looked fishy. I also noticed he came across some Malay words that I just know he wouldn’t have understood. I mean please, no one in the house uses the word memudaratkan badan in our daily conversation.

“Wait a minute… did you look at the answers at the back?!” I asked him.

“Huh? What do you mean, Maksu?” he said, eyes not meeting mine.

“You got every question right. How do you know all of the answers?”

“Well ok ok, I only looked for the ones I don’t understand. But not for all! For this whole page, I didn’t!” he panicked and I wanted to laugh. I guess I shouldn’t tell him that I always looked at the answers at the back as a student. I mean, duh, they’re right there. It would be silly not to. Haha. But I was in Maksu mode so I had to be stern.

“That’s almost cheating! You can’t look at the answers. If you don’t understand something, what does Mommy always ask you to do?”

“She says to ask….”

“Exactly! Ask! Don’t just ignore the things you don’t understand.”

“Ok ok sorry Maksu. I won’t look at the answers. I will ask if I don’t know.”

“Now, if Mommy knew you cheated, you know she will be mad right?” I looked at him sternly.

“Yeah, she will…”

“So what do we do now?” I asked him.

“We don’t tell her about this,” he said as a matter of fact.


Soooo sooo cheeky, my little nephew.

It was like talking to a version of myself because that would have been something I would’ve said. Haha.

But man… raising teenagers is going to be so much fun. *gulp*