life got real

November 16, 2014

Someone I’m close to is having a real adult dilemma and she has to make a choice that will affect other areas in her life and her future. When she told me, I looked up from my phone to think about it more and tried to analyze the situation objectively. I just couldn’t. It was just blank in my brain. It was really hard. This was just one of those things where you wish there was a life manual or a clear sign in the sky saying YES or NO. I really didn’t know what to type because I had no idea what to do either.

It really made me think a bit more about life and how grown up we all have become. Reading my previous posts back when I was in uni made me smile, reminiscing about how my biggest worries were what dessert to eat that day or which route to take home from school. Back then, the “hard” decisions could easily be answered by shaking a Magic 8 ball furiously. Now, life is just so serious; which business deal to take, how to pay home mortgages, how to raise your children, which career path do I take, is it ok to bring my family to start life in another country, all such big commitments especially if you have dependents under you like your wife and children… when did life get so REAL??

I don’t see this in a negative light though because well, (a) it’s part of growing up, and (b) we’ve all had our carefree fun days so we’ve had our fair share of fun. Now let’s have real challenges in life. I personally think there is no right or wrong answer and the more you think about it, the crazier you will become when trying to reason out too much. There are pros and cons to everything in life, and in everything you do there are risks and opportunity costs. We just have to decide (after some research and homework of course, please don’t blindly make adult decisions based purely on the heart), and when we do, never look back. There will be ups and downs in whatever you do, so don’t kick yourself in the head thinking that the other path not taken was the right one. Because had you taken that path, there will still be ups and downs too.

Love life, and make the best of everything that comes your way. Life is short, so it’s up to us to turn everything into a positive thing. YOLO, to a certain extent, I guess. Hehe.

As for this close person of mine, I pray that God gives her strength and happiness to go through anything that comes her way, whatever decision she makes. That’s the best thing a friend can do in these kinds of tricky situation; make doa for their happiness, always.