man of every year

November 27, 2014

Dean’s on a business trip and being the clingy wife I am, I’m missing him terribly. Like terriblyyyyy. Like I haven’t washed one of his sleeping tees so that I can have his smell around. Yes, that terribly sad. Hehe.

So this reminded me of something I wanted to blog about; his award of Men of The Year 2014 from Augustman Malaysia magazine. Ten Malaysian men were chosen to be Men of The Year in different categories and Dean won the one in Style category. I can’t help but think I have something to do about that, I mean, come on guys, I choose his clothes and shoes everyday. *flips tudung, dusts shoulder* #itsalwaysaboutmeok?!

He didn’t want to do it, him being media shy and not into all these fashion things. But the girls in the office and I forced him and told him we’d buy him lunch if he did this. He’s that easy, guys.

So we went to the Men of The Year event and I just felt soooooo proud seeing him on stage. Of course the other guys were all sultry and almost-pouting looking cool and suave while the photographers from media kept on clicking their cameras away. And there my husband was… the one grinning from ear to ear with pride. The one who would probably be waving at his mommy from the stage.

You know, the least cool one.

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4 photo 2 photo 6 photo 5

But that least cool man… sigh, he was the only one that I couldn’t take my eyes off from. He just makes my heart skip a beat each time. When he’s not around, my world gets a bit dimmer and I miss him so very much. And when I  hear his footsteps coming home from work late, I jump to the door excitedly. That’s how much I love being around him and he is just so special to me, that husband of mine.

After he came down from the stage and said hello to familiar faces, he turned to me, “Ok let’s go home. I can’t wait to show this to Daniel. I hope he’s not asleep yet!” as he excitedly walked out of the ballroom leaving the glitz and glamour behind.

photo 9 photo 9a

At home, as Daniel kissed his framed picture and pointed saying “Di! Di!”, I could see such real happiness in Dean’s eyes.


I’m proud of the man you are yesterday, today and I’m sure tomorrow too. You’re my Man of The Year every year, baby!

photo 7

Thank you Augustman for honoring Dean with this! He’s totally going to put that frame on his assistant’s desk as a prank. Hahahaha.

This is such a sappy blogpost I’m going to go puke now. It must be the pregnancy hormones, guys. I’m usually cool.

I’ll leave you with a flatlay I made for this post.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

(I wore a Mimpikita Knot Dress that will be restocked on FashionValet in several colours tomorrow!)