morning workout

November 11, 2014

My mil and sil are on this juicing phase where they gulp down spinach juice six times a day and I almost feel guilty I am chomping on macarons in front of them. But in the light of wanting to be healthy like them, I told myself I’ll just finish this one macaron instead of my usual three.

Today I woke up and stumbled upon this DVD set I bought when I was pregnant with Daniel. Oh myyy… is this a sign from You? I wonder as I look up to the sky.

Ok fine.

I popped it in the DVD player and thought alright yeah I can do it. I should do this, in fact. No one wants to have extra fat during the already guaranteed weight gain from pregnancy.

I did the whole shebang… the warmup, the arms, the thighs… I thought I did pretty well despite Dean’s judgy eyes glancing at me from his laptop when I do 10 reps instead of Tracy Anderson’s 20. I mean come onnnnn… it’s only the first day. I even got so excited about the workout I stopped halfway and browsed online shops for the latest Adidas for Stella McCartney workout outfits. I need more cute outfits for this, I can’t just keep rotating between the 2 FV BASICS T-shirt I have, for sure!

When I was on the laptop, my darling housekeeper came out of the kitchen with a plate full of mini curry puffs for breakfast. I thought of politely refusing thinking about all those thousands of calories I had just lost, but she’s like 50 years old, it’s so so so rude to refuse when an elder person offers you something. So I had six, just to be polite.

After a while, it was getting awkward that Tracy Anderson was still on her yoga mat in front of me, going 5…6…7…good job! I felt underserving of her praises, so I went You go, girl! to the TV followed by a chuckle from Dean. I thought he was concentrating on his laptop! People should really mind their own businesses.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.55.55 AM

Tshirt from FV BASICS at FashionValet

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be more serious. I considered today a friendly ice-breaker session with Tracy. I guess we could get along, she’s very lovely telling me I’m doing great and all.