not chic

November 3, 2014

We had an AVA night out tonight, me, Toots and Asma’. By night out, it’s basically dinner out before one of our loved ones call asking why we’re not home yet. Hehe. Usually we have our meet-ups once in a blue moon, but lately this year I’ve noticed that I see them wayyyy more. We’re getting pretty clingy as we get older, it’s really quite romantic, guys.

Anyway, we went to our usual BBQ restaurant and had fun cooking our meat and stuff. But this time around, it was pretty disappointing because the table next to us were full of drunk adults. They kept on drinking, and clinking glasses, and laughing rudely. We tried to ignore them and it came to a point where we actually had to shout to each other to get sentences across. And it’s not because we were wearing thick headscarves, guys… it’s because of these 30-something-year-olds who thought it was ok to be drunk in a fairly nice restaurant. I mean, come on guys, it’s 9 pm. It’s not cool to be drunk that early. In fact, it’s not cool to be drunk full stop!

To make things worse, they kept walking to the door and falling. Like literally falling off the steps and landing head first on the floor. Then they’d giggle with each other, give each other a hug, and both of them would fall this time. It was pretty comical, but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. Is life really that stressful that you have to drink your worries away? Are you really happy giggling and falling on the floor in public like that? Do you think your kids would be proud of you like this? I felt like giving them a hugggggg.

As the cherry on top for all of us innocent spectators, one of them opened the door of the restaurant and there it was… fresh from the oven. A puddle of puke landed right at the entrance as a dual role; to greet new customers and to bid farewell (possibly forever) to existing customers in the restaurant. A few minutes later, he basically passed out by the roadside.

And guess who I felt the most sorry for? The waiter!! He was scratching his head and apologetically smiling at the customers, and he was the one who had to mop that puke pool right there before it stank up the restaurant’s otherwise delicious scent of cooked beef. I would have loved to pass that mop to the friends. Here, you take this, he’s your friend, go sort out his puke please.

Ugh… the three of us kept shaking our heads watching this. It is soooo not chic to carry yourself like this, and seriously, if you have friends who like to get drunk, next time just record them on video. When they’re sober, show them and ask “Do you think you look hot like this, eyes rolled back and stumbling into walls while muttering nonsense to yourself?” Hopefully they’ll say no.